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Product Description

Fourth & Heart’s ghee butter is whipped to ensure a smooth, creamy, so it’s spreadable like butter. Available in five unique flavors to complement any meal. Naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, and K, Omega-3, CLA, and butyric acid. Made with love in our Los Angeles kitchen. It’s a better butter!

From the Manufacturer

Ghee for Every Occasion

Revolutionizing ghee’s culinary potential with a variety of flavor infusions derived from only the highest quality ingredients, including Himalayan Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, California Garlic, and Turmeric. Perfect for sautéing, baking, coffee, smoothies, and anywhere you would use butter.

Unique, flawless texture

Our ghee has a smooth, creamy texture that’s spreadable like regular butter while maintaining all the nutritional benefits of traditional ghee. Keep it in your pantry or next to your stove – no need to refrigerate.

Grass Fed, Pure Ingredients

Made from grass fed New Zealand butter, raised without antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides like glyphosate. Raquel personally sourced each ingredient, selecting only the finest available.

High Smoke Point (485 degrees)

Ghee is the perfect cooking oil and can be safely cooked with even at high temperatures while retaining its beneficial properties and infusing your dish with the delicious flavor of butter.

Pure Nutrition

Certified Non-GMO (Certification by NSF issued 8/28/17) and Gluten Free (Certification 66286 issued 2/28/18). Made without dairy ingredients, and no pesticide, herbicide, or rBST. Compatible with Paleo, Whole30, Ketogenic, FODMAP, Ayurvedic friendly diets. High in Omega-3, CLA, and Butyric Acid.

Fuel Happy

Fourth & Heart is an artisanal food brand based in Los Angeles. We’re on a mission to modernize ancient pantry food staples starting with a line of grass-fed pure spreadable butters known as “ghee.”

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Spreadable Butter Alternative

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Raquel was originally inspired by her mother’s love of Ayurveda and it was a staple in her home while growing up. She made her first batch of flavored ghee while experimenting in the kitchen in 2006.

What makes your product special?

4th & Heart ghee is made only from the purest ingredients, and has a creamy, spreadable texture. Our unique flavor varieties also add culinary nuance and versatility to ghee’s place in your kitchen.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The incredible human beings we’ve met along our journey! The wisdom we’ve received from our customers, team, advisors, and the food community overall continually inspires us to Fuel Happy everyday.

WE SOURCE THE BEST: Our lactose-free ghee comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised, antibiotic and hormone free New Zealand cows.
USE ANYTIME: Our shelf-stable ghee is spreadable at room temperature. No refrigeration required
NO SHORTCUTS: Our ghee is cooked the old-fashioned way, not made with a centrifuge.
UPGRADE ANY RECIPE: Replace your current butter, olive oil, coconut oil or other cooking oil 1:1 with ghee.
DIET FRIENDLY: Great addition to any diet – Certified Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Ayurvedic, Whole 30, and FODMAP friendly.
HELPFUL NOTE: Ghee may liquefy during shipping, but will re-solidify within a few hours of refrigeration, or overnight at room temperature.

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