WHAT YOU NEED: Tired of spending your money on store-bought cacao which is not only filled with preservatives and taste enhancers, but also loses its valuable nutrients through over processing? OMG! organic cacao powder is the perfect solution!
ORGANIC & PURE: Unlike similar products on the market, this cacao powder is USDA organic certified, containing 100% pure ingredients which are sustainably grown and Earth-friendly!
INTENSE FLAVOR: Enjoy a rich, smooth flavor of finest cacao powder and use it for various delicious recipes, including smoothies, baking products, as a healthy breakfast choice, muffins, tarts and more!
IDEAL SUPERFOOD: The OMG! organic raw cacao is rich in all sorts of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, containing a high amount of fibers and iron which support the well-functioning of your digestion and promote an overall healthy metabolism!
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: With a vegan friendly and kosher, this pure cacao powder is ideal for men and women of all ages, being an important part of your daily meal plan!

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