šŸŒ±NUTRIENT-DENSE PREBIOTIC SUPERFOOD- Each ultra-low calorie serving of Yacon syrup contains some of the highest amounts of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) prebiotics found in any plant on the planet. This antioxidant rich superfood offers immune system support, promotes healthy digestion, weight management, and balanced blood sugar levels.
šŸŒ±ALL NATURAL SWEETENER + LOW CALORIE- Yacon root syrup is a low glycemic index, all-natural sweetener with 1/3 the calories of sugar or honey. Use it as a low calorie and low carb sugar and honey substitute. Low glycemic index foods can help maintain blood insulin levels and are associated with weight loss when part of a balanced diet & lifestyle.
šŸŒ±PROMOTE HEALTHY IMMUNE FUNCTION AND DIGESTION- The prebiotic properties, gained from the high level of FOS, support healthy digestion and the growth of good bacteria in the gut as well as fortify the immune system. Consuming Yacon Syrup as part of a healthy diet may support your immune system.
šŸŒ±DELICIOUS FLAVOR AND UNRIVALED VERSATILITY- You can easily add Yacon Syrup to any recipe or dish that calls for honey, maple syrup or sugar. Drizzle it directly over breakfast foods, desserts and even salads for a decadent hint of sweetness. Add it directly to drinks, smoothies and health shakes for better flavor! Tastes delicious in coffee and teas!
šŸŒ±USDA ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLY SOURCED- Here at Alovitox, we care about your body and we care about our planet. We use toxic free glass jars that are easy to reuse or recycle, we source yacon syrup from small organic producers in the Andes Mountains which helps support the local economy.

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